Tax residency is one of the most important asset structuring tools for your corporate and personal financial well being. To adhere to all the proper rules, Double Taxation Agreements and ensuring that you are effectively tax resident is a profession in its own. 

The core document to confirm your Tax residence status in the UAE is a Tax Domicile Certificate (TRC) issued by the UAE Ministry of Finance in respect to DTT (Double Taxation avoidance agreements) signed between the UAE and other countries. To avoid the double taxation until now the UAE concluded 115 DTA with most of its trade partners (the full list of countries is available in the UAE MOFA homepage). The TRC will be issued for a period of one year for a specific tax treaty between the UAE and country where you are planning to use it.

How to become a UAE Tax Resident? 

  • Significant investment
  • Company setup in the UAE
  • Apply for a Residence visa
  • Rent/buy an apartment in the UAE
  • Open an individual bank account in the UAE

Being experts in international tax, corporate structuring and concierge matters we will happily assist you A to Z in choosing the right and more effective solution for you.