Joe Biden ‘clearly senile’, claims former Cameron aide Steve Hilton

Nov 4, 2021 News

Joe Biden ‘clearly senile’, claims former Cameron aide Steve Hilton

President Joe Biden is suffering from “senility” and is so "wildly unpopular" he is boosting Donald Trump’s re-election chances, Steve Hilton, David Cameron’s former spin doctor, has said.

Mr Hilton told The Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast – which you can listen to using the audio player above – that he believed Mr Biden’s mental acuity and failure to get bills passed in Congress will likely doom the Democrats to a single term.

“People say don’t be mean, he’s an old man, you can’t call him senile. I do call him senile because he clearly is senile,” said Mr Hilton, who served Mr Cameron’s director of strategy from 2010-2012 before moving to the United States.

Mr Biden, who at 78 is the oldest president in US history, appeared to fall asleep at the climate summit in Glasgow this week.

Concerns have been raised about Mr Biden’s mental – and physical – faculties, with him often mixing up and forgetting names.

Mr Hilton, who has risen to become one of the most influential voices on Fox News, likened the Biden presidency to the famous Monty Python dead parrot sketch. “This was the week it became clear that the Biden presidency is in fact, dead. It’s not resting,” he said.

He added that the president’s “mental lapses” were troubling for “someone who holds the most high profile and demanding jobs in the world.”

“Even in his scripted remarks, he clearly loses his train of thought,” he said, speaking to the latest episode of Planet Normal. “If you wanted to get Donald Trump re-elected. You would go about it exactly the way that Biden is right now.”

Mr Hilton said he believed Mr Biden’s poor performance on vote-winning issues such as immigration and the economy would likely cost him the 2024 election. “I think that it’s all being set up perfectly for him (Trump) to come back if he wants to,” the 52-year-old said.

Mr Hilton, who was born in the UK to Hungarian parents, has presented a weekly show on Fox News since declaring his support for Mr Trump in the 2016 election.

He went on to describe the former Prime Minister as the “one of the biggest Eurosceptics” he knew.

Mr Hilton, who was godparent to Mr Cameron’s son, Ivan, who died at the age of six, said he has not spoken to Mr Cameron since 2015 “but my door is always open.”

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