‘I do not mind paying taxes if the money is well spent’ – Readers on this week’s biggest stories

Oct 29, 2021 News

‘I do not mind paying taxes if the money is well spent’ – Readers on this week’s biggest stories

‘Cycle superhighways in West London stop emergency vehicles getting through’

@Neil Thomson:

"The LTNs were introduced without any proper consultation during the first pandemic lockdown, so without normal traffic conditions for a proper test run and any feedback provided by residents since has been ignored by Councils, the London Mayor and the government.

"I also cycle but must admit that cycle superhighways in West London stop emergency vehicles getting through and all of these measures need to be scrapped before it is proven that it has caused someone’s death due to an ambulance or a police vehicle not being able to get through.

"The only way to get these people to understand that residents are unhappy is to vote in the local elections next year and subsequent elections to get rid of the existing groups and install Councillors, a mayor and a government that listens to its residents and voters. As it stands, none of these groups do and need to be changed."

‘Action on air pollution needs to happen in our cities and towns’

@Julia Jones:

"One of the things Khan is to be applauded for is his efforts to reduce air pollution in London. During lockdown, the air quality improved immensely, and he is trying to hold it below its former levels. This is really something that costs lives. But action on air pollution needs to happen in our cities and towns."

‘Consider people who have health problems’

@Graham Leighton:

"Open the roads to cars, stop putting in cycling lanes, stop telling people how to travel to work, to leisure, let each grown man and woman decide if they want to be lathered with sweat on arrival at the theatre.

"Stop making car ownership the growing preserve of the rich who a) can buy an expensive electric vehicle, b) have a drive, on which to fuel it up safely and c) probably spend all day at work hunched over a computer screen.

"Instead think of the joiner carrying his tools, doing a physical job, needing to arrive swiftly at his destination. Consider people who have health problems preventing them from cycling and carrying a briefcase, sandwiches and change of clothes on their heads (well how else can you carry your belongings to work?).

"Think for yourself is my motto. It is utter lunacy what is happening in this country, it is everywhere, not just in London. Woke, indoctrinated and dangerous madness."

Sir Alex Ferguson’s look of disgust spells trouble for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 

Off the back of a five-nil home thrashing to bitter rivals Liverpool at the weekend, patience for Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, "has now been lost", writes our chief sports Writer, Oliver Brown. Our readers took to the comments to discuss where it’s all gone wrong for Solskjaer and explore deeper issues which lie at the club.

Our readers took to the comments to discuss where it’s all gone wrong for Solskjaer

‘Solskjaer will tarnish his reputation if he tries to cling on’

@Alex Thomson:

"Maguire was included in the Euros team of the tournament, Shaw was exceptional as well. Several weeks later seeing both players bewildered by a football is not simply down to the quality of the players.

"There is a fundamental deficiency of the system and coaching style. Players don’t seem to be held accountable for work, the only philosophy seems to be quick paced counter-attack (occasionally) and the same tactical mistakes are made game after game.

"OGS inherited an even worse shambles when he took over and restored some sanity, cemented United back in the Champions League places and earned respectable league rankings against the backdrop of a very tough league.

"But he is in danger of cratering here. The basics are not being done and he will only tarnish his reputation if he tries to cling on. Do the honourable thing, resign gracefully."

‘The issue lies with the people who own and run the club’

@James Charrington:

"It’s easy to blame the manager after a result like this but the problem lies a lot deeper than that.

"There has been no long term strategy to rebuild, post Ferguson era – Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho, Solskjaer all appointed in the heat of the moment accompanied by big money and big name quick fix signings that by definition were doomed to fail.

"The issue at Man United lies with the people who own and run the club i.e the architects of the above not Ole."

‘For a short term fix Conte is the man’


"OGS isn’t the problem. He is a symptom of it. The club lacks a clear direction, strategy and philosophy on every level be it tactics, coaching, scouting, transfers, wages, everything. This stems from how the club was run under Ferguson. He was a sun king and all aspects of the club were run by him on every level. He has gone but that aspect of managing the club hasn’t, so they are bereft of talent in all departments. However, his shadow and influence is still there and that is the major part of United’s problem. It’s an exact repeat of when Matt Busby left.

"The current owners are clearly more interested in how much they can take out of the club rather than what they put in. The stadium is in absolute shambles as well. United needs Ferguson to depart completely (just as Liverpool did with Shankly – they banned him from the ground).

"They need a seasoned director of football who will bring in a clear philosophy and a recognised style of play; and a new manager who has some degree of tactical nous as the current manager and coaching staff are clearly way out of their depth. In short, the whole club needs a reboot from top to bottom. However, that will not happen until the owners finally hollow out the club for all it is worth and sell it on as an empty shell – which they will eventually do.

"Who do they bring in? For a short term fix (2 years) Conte is the man. He is one of the few managers who will not allow interference from anyone regarding the football side of things.

"As a City fan I hope OGS stays at the wheel for some considerable time. However, if City beat them in two weeks time then unfortunately I think the game is up."

‘I took a DNA test and discovered the truth about my family secret’

Following a DNA test, writer Sophie Mumford unravelled the truth surrounding a family secret involving her grandmother’s wartime lover. Many of our readers were moved by the story and were equally eager to share fascinating stories of their heritage after submitting a DNA test online.  

‘I have been searching for my grandad’


"My grandfather was a Polish pilot who fought with the Royal Air Force in WW2. He met my grandmother; she fell pregnant with my dad and sadly ended up having to give him up for adoption at three months of age. We found dad’s biological mother some 20 years ago, but she was never able to give us the name of my grandfather – all we were told was that he was a Polish pilot.  

"Since then, I have been searching for grandad, with dad and myself having our DNA on every DNA website, with no matches to date. Without a name, it is a needle in a haystack! Some wonderful WW2 Polish historians have very kindly provided me with the names of some of the pilots who were stationed at the same RAF base at the time my grandmother was there.

"What has been very frustrating is not being able to get hold of grandma’s medical records from the RAF which may actually have grandad’s name in there (medical records are covered by a section of the Freedom of Information Act, even when that person is deceased). 

"What is heartbreaking is that her medical records could be the only way of finding out his name! We can only hope for a match to pop up, but time is running out for my dad, who we nearly lost this year!"

‘I found a new unknown half sister’

@Colleen Sherriff:

"I did my DNA two years ago but only recently uploaded it to My Heritage. By doing that, I found a new (unknown) half sister. Both of our sisters tested and confirmed that we were all related to each other. That started daily communication through email, text and video chats. We got a chance to learn about each other and our families.  

"I have just returned home (to Canada) after meeting both of our new half sisters together with my full sister and our husbands. A wonderful visit and the beginning of a beautiful new family connection.

"Sophie, go ahead and hit that purchase button for your flight to Canada. You will not regret it."

‘Your new found family will surely be very proud’

@Peter Duffy:

"Wow. I don’t tear up easily, but that was quite an emotional read, delivering the punchline long before I was expecting it; and with my guard well and truly down.

"Thank you for writing that. You have a beautiful way with words and your new found family will surely be very proud."

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